Indestructible German Splitting Axes

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Indestructible German Splitting Axes
American hickory handle with protective steel collar
Expertly forged in Germany
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19A03.02 German Splitting Hatchet

In stock


19A03.03 German Splitting Axe/Maul

In stock


The Splitting Hatchet is 19” long with a 2 3/4 lb. head. It has enormous splitting power at low effort, and excels at close-in work such as splitting kindling and trimming already split rounds. The overall weight of the hatchet is 4 1/2 lb. The Large Splitting Axe/Maul, 31 1/2” long with a hefty 5 1/2 lb. head, will excel at splitting large rounds with a minimum number of blows and effort. Its overall 8 lb. weight is sorely needed if tackling gnarly, difficult rounds. And it can be used in tandem with our Forged Aluminum Spiral Splitting Wedge from the same maker.

Axe heads are expertly forged, heat-treated and hardened, using the highest quality tool steel. Each features an extra-robust American Hickory handle with a 3 1/2” steel collar to protect the handle in the area most prone to damage from errant blows. The axe head is securely attached to the handle with a triple wedge design (unique to us), using a hardwood wedge and 2 steel rings. We know European-made axes well, as we have stocked them for many years. These are handmade and beautiful, and fine examples of the art of hand-forging, representing centuries of traditional craftsmanship.

These new and very impressive German Splitting Axes are made in Germany for the forestry industry and are widely procured by specialist branches of the military throughout Europe. Extremely robust and durable, they can withstand extreme abuse and are essentially indestructible.
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  • Axeman happidance

    Cindy witham, 1/16/2017 Best ever perfect weight and excellent shape Blade cover unraveled after 2 uses they should forget that. Considering buying a spare.
  • German engineering at its best

    Richard Mullins, 1/15/2017 Very well mad, just the right weight for a powerful swing. the metal protective band at the head will inside that the ax wether in the hands of a novice or the experienced wood splitter will last for a goodly amount of time
  • Christmas axe

    Amanda Pounds, 12/16/2016 Well made axe! We are hoping it will last for years to come!
  • Very Well Made

    Dave, 12/4/2016 Quality is outstanding and service from GW was great. It feels good to use, and I like that the top 3" of the handle is protected where it enters the axe head (I sometimes stand a hair too close to the target). I'm not afraid to use it as intended on my own wood pile, and wouldn't hesitate to give it as a gift.
  • Quality construction

    harry, 10/27/2016 Impressed. This thing splits green wood where previously I'd figure a maul and two wedges.
  • Well made.

    Joe, Upstate NY, 10/6/2016 Really pleased with the quality of this splitting axe. Have had several axes and mauls over a lifetime - but this one is by far the best. Well balanced, comfortable and powerful enough to split the toughest wood.
  • Quality tool made well.

    Bob , 9/11/2016 Quality tool. Feels great in your hand. Had it sharpened professionally and the guy told me it is the hardest steel he's seen.
  • Great tool

    Mike Wilson, 8/18/2016 Wide handle for close up work
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