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Clearance Indoor Clean-Up Brooms
Sized for handy home, shop or cramped garage use
European-made with hardwood handles
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36E01.02 12” Household Broom

In stock

Regular Price: $27.95

Special Price $12.00

36E01.03 16” Shop Broom

In stock

Regular Price: $26.40

Special Price $10.00

You will not find much that’s exotic or sexy about these tools – unless, like us, good design really floats your boat! Simple, handy tools for mundane, everyday tasks are rarely made with such care and style – and in our experience, never at such an affordable price.

The beauty of the smaller 12" wide, natural bristle Household Broom is that it is totally maneuverable in narrow places and around table or chair legs. The supper-soft 100% pig bristles work any direction you push them, and will not mar delicate objects, surfaces or finishes. Lightweight and easy to use, it will beat every other broom in the utility closet at reaching behind the sofa or dusting grandma’s antique clock.

The 16" wide combo horsehair/poly bristle Shop Broom is a more typical “push-broom” design, but it is deliberately not as wide – so it works well in smaller spaces like a home shop or crowded garage The Shop Broom can also be used outdoors on decks, patios, around the pool or hot tub.

Both brooms are made in Europe and have 48" long hardwood handles. We recommend both as a terrific value. Air shipping not available.
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Overall Rating
  • Best indoor broom, ever.

    Olympic Pen, 4/20/2017 I never liked synthetic bristled brooms in the house, as they don't seem to pick up small dust particles well. I always used natural bristled brooms and this one is at the top of the line. Fine bristles, light over-all. Love it. I even bought 2 more as a gift for friends. Would highly recommend it.
  • BOGO brooms

    Dan, 3/10/2017 OMG What a fantastic broom! I push on the handle and the dirt accumulates ahead of the bristles! What a concept. I've never seen anything like it except with other brooms. I bought both the 12 and 16" brooms from a BOGO offer, so now I've got 4 new brooms - that work just like a broom, and the wooden handles even have interesting bends in them.
  • BOGO brooms

    Kuha, 3/10/2017 Bought both the 12" and 16" on a BOGO offer, so now I have 4 new brooms. They work well. You push them and they concentrate the dirt ahead of the bristles; kinda like a broom's supposed to do.
  • Wife loves it

    D. Odvody, 1/14/2017 I've done a lot of dumb things in my life, but buying this broom for my wife as a present turned out to not be one of them. She loves it. She says it picks up everything from our hardwood floors and wanted another one for the garage for her to use. No guys, she may not be one of a kind, but she is not available. She even asked me to buy two more brooms for presents for her daughters. Now, if that isn't a testimonial, I don't know what is. Back to dumb things. I asked if she wanted me to buy the brooms as Halloween gifts to her daughters and the comment did not go over well. She has a sense of a humor; she married me.
  • It swept me away!

    Jeni Hogenson , 1/8/2017 The minute I first tried this broom, I felt like I had time-traveled back to a different era. There was a time, not so long ago when people made simple things with pride and an eye for quality and performance. This little broom is like that. The fine bristles, placed close together pick up many of the tiny pieces of dirt that my cheaply made broom simply brushes right past. YES! Not only saving me time and effort, but making a simple chore a pleasure. Why? Because a higher quality, thoughtfully made tool of any kind feels different when you use it. In this case it glides over my floor with ease and grace. Call me crazy but many of today's cheaply made tools are some of the most frustrating to work with. This broom, like the other items I've purchased here are thoughtfully constructed and genuinely useful. Thank you Garrett Wade for searching the globe for that old fashioned and simple sensibility of quality and performance in the tools we rely on every day.
  • Great shop broom, especially for finished concrete floors

    Chris Ackerman, 1/6/2017 This is a great shop broom and precisely what I needed. Simple design yet very functional. The bristles are especially effective on my painted concrete floor moving everything from fine dust particles and sawdust to wood chips.
  • Exceptional Quality at a reasonable price

    James Lamp, 11/27/2016 Purchased the 16" Shop Broom - The horse hair and polyester combination does a fabulous job cleaning the concrete floors of my shop, gets in all the cracks, the handle is angled as you would expect in a push broom, very happy with this purchase, excellent quality tool.
  • Shop broom work horse

    Barbara Thompson, 10/20/2016 This does the job of sweeping up wood shavings and dust in my woodshop. It could be a bit stiffer bristled but horse hair isn't that stiff alone. Gets into cracks nicely but as the handle angle is reallt straight up, it doesn't offer too many option for handle placement.
  • A sweet broom

    Jeanette, 8/1/2016 Perfect, EXCEPT, I bought the broom to reach tough spots under beds, cupboards, etc. The handle is straight up, instead of slightly angled, so that didn't work.
  • Finally A Decent Broom For the House

    Beverly OKeefe, 6/12/2016 Finally, a decent broom to sweep up with! Love the soft bristles (pig? bristles) well on my hardwood floors. Maybe I need the Shop Broom, too??
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