Indoor Ring Toss Game

Indoor Ring Toss Game
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20B04.05 Indoor Ring Toss Game

Available 07/07/2016


We regret that we are out of stock of the Ring Toss Game. You may be interested in alternatives: the Nine Pin Bowling set (link) and the the Indoor Croquet Set (link).

Perhaps no outdoor summer contest is more iconic than tossing horseshoes toward a steel stake. Here is an indoor alternative (a French game called "anneaux quilles") that can be played by anyone (children especially).The 3-ply wood board (for stability and water resistance) has five 7" high wood pins and with six round rope rings.

Each peg has a different value. The object is, of course, to toss the rings so that the highest score possible is achieved. The degree of the challenge depends on the distance the player stands from the pegs. The players can make up their own game rules as there are numerous options. It's a similar game to garden quoits.

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