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Industrial Quality Chain Hoists
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These were made for factories and heavy industrial usage. We present them here for you because these are the best tools to easily and safely lift those very heavy items in your shop or garage that you need to get off the ground. Perhaps you need to make a repair, or move something to a higher platform – or just move it around. Before you were stuck. Now you can act.

Of course, you are unlikely to need a chain hoist every day, but these are inexpensive and well made. Perfect to inventory until that moment of need. This writer can think of many times that he wished he had one at hand.
Available in ¼ Ton (500 lbs) and 1 Ton (2,000 lbs) capacity, the lift height of both is 10 ft. The design is “nice and clean” and very well finished. Highly recommended for any well-equipped shop. Get the size that will satisfy your maximum anticipated need. Special Introductory Prices.
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