Industrial Quality Markers
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We all use magic markers" - all the time. They're okay, but if we want something marked with a clear color that is really non-fade, they don't hold up well. So here are industrial alternatives that do really work - permanently. They are rarely found in any consumer market. The Germans call them "Industry Markers." We call them "Paint Markers." Inside or out in the weather, the mark is truly permanent, and the broad tip is shaped so you can really write with it. The colors are bright Yellow and White - recommended for dark surfaces, and Black - for light surfaces. They come in boxes of 10 each. They will not dry out if left uncapped and will last a long time. Really neat. The cost at $4.95 per Marker is really a solid quality value alongside the better consumer markers sometimes available.

The Profi Wax Crayon is a very high quality, non-permanent industrial marker. Each Set comes in a box with 2 adjustable holders and 3 boxes of 5 replaceable 4-3/4" long crayon colors each (red, yellow, and dark gray - a cost of about $1.97 each insert. If you have a lot of writing to do on a surface and want it to either abrade off or be rubbed off in time, this is what to use.
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