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Clearance Inexpensive HD 12" Fast-Acting Woodworking Clamps
Meeting German DIN Standards
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The 12" size of this style of clamp is a staple in almost every woodworking shop. You can't have too many of them, and we have provided our customers with tens of thousands over the years. Our past German maker of these has gone out of business, but we found these in China after a 3 year search. Heavier duty and deeper than the usual Chinese versions, their throat depth is 3-1/4". Bar size 3/16" x 7/8".

At such a good price for a set of 5, these can't be beat. Save up to 35.

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Overall Rating
  • Joe in Philly

    Joe Benson, 1/17/2017 The clamps were well made and were just what I was looking for to do light clamping on projects around the house. The 5 pack and the price were excellent. I recommend these clamps to all.
  • Great deal and just what they are described to be

    Mitch West, 12/26/2016 Wish they were available in 24 inch. I liquidated my old shop to go sailing. I'm back and ordering more. Boat builders need truckloads of clamps. These are priced so that is possible. I need more presume than a quickgrip, but not tons of force.
  • Inexpensive HD 12" Fast-Acting Clamps

    Bill Self, 12/6/2016 I first bought these clamps in 2013. The write up said an unnumbered lot was found made by the German company that is now out of production. Those clamps are the best I've ever had. Now I bought a second lot of five. These are made in China. And, BOY! There is a world of difference in the first lot and this second lot. I'd still have to give it a good rating--it does as advertised and a good price for five of them. But this second lot does not operate near as smooth, does not grip near as strong, is not as heavy------it's just clearly as advertised------LIGHT DUTY.
  • 12 Fast Clamps"

    Stewart Rothman, 10/8/2014 These clamps are well made and are more than adequate for the light to moderate clamping needs they are designed for. The handles are comfortable and the clamps are easy to adjust and the teeth of the clamp bars hold position well. The only complaint I have is that the protective jaw covers, especially those on the screwed member cap, are loose and come off and/or shift when clamping pressure is applied.
  • Clamps Not Well-Made

    Dan L, 3/7/2014 I was expecting better, even though the description says Inexpensive HD 12" Fast-Acting Clamps". They seemed as if they would grip wooden pieces, and hold any amount of torque that I could put on the rubber-covered handles. The problem was the very crude forging of the arms. The fixed 'arm' came with an angle at the end that was not perpendicular to the bar. That was a long way around to say that these clamps could throw you off in a glue-up just because of the angle of the end of the arm where you would expect it to be dead-flat. They are going back.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for posting a review of the 12” Fast Clamps. We are sorry that you were not satisfied with them. Please feel free to send them back for a refund. We apologize for the inconvenience."
  • Fast But Weak

    John, 11/10/2013 Yes they are fast and yes they are economical. But is sure doesn't take much force to bend them all out of shape. If your material isn't perfectly square they just slip off. The pads" are just thin plastic and they were the first things to pop off. Probably good for real light duty work, not the regular light duty work I have been using them for."
  • MR

    FRANK HULSEY, 10/6/2013 Very happy with the clamps, and the customer service. Garrett Wade never lets me down!
  • Use Rarely...

    Kevin White, 9/15/2013 After having these a few years, I find that i rarely use these. Clamping pressure tends to weaken over a short period of and cast head tends to bend out of shape, which has caused gluing failure, depending on application. These would be good" for very light work, yet if there is an application that requires greater torque....there are other German clamps that work much better... "
  • Could Be Better

    John W. A. Seddon, 8/11/2013 Recent purchase of 20 clamps based on past purchase of same clamps. Fixed arm of three clamps was either miss cast (crooked) or twisted after casting keeping the clamp from gripping the work perpendicular to the faces. disappointing!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Fast Clamps. We think you may received a bad batch. Please feel free to return them for a replacement. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Great Clamps

    Bill Self, 8/6/2013 I love these clamps. Solid steel spine with fast and sure grabbing action of the clamps. Even the handle is good. The handle is larger than most clamps, easy to grip and operates smoothly. Even the rubber shields on the jaws stay in place and don't fall to the floor when you remove the clamp from the work piece. These clamps were made by a German Company. German engineering and manufacturing is, in my opinion, as good as anything one can get from American engineering and manufacturing. Super value!
  • Nice Clamps

    Sam, 3/26/2013 These are very nice clamps for the money, I now own 40 of them and they work great for gluing up laminations where you need lots of them. I like them better than the older red handled clamps they used to sell as they are more sturdy.
  • excellent clamps, better price

    Jackie, 3/6/2013 For the price ($6.50 ea. on sale) - these 12 clamps are the best out there - imho. The size and thickness of the bar, the 3.25" throat depth and the large, comfortable rubber grips make for very easy clamping. I have quite an assortment of clamps in my shop, and if I need a clamp up to 12" - I always choose these over the others. If you don't need parallel clamps for your project - give these a try - you won't be disappointed. "
  • Great value

    George Archer, 1/1/2013 These clamps are tough enough for serious clamping, have a good throat depth and the price is right.
  • Not as nice as the old ones

    Bill Johnson, 1/1/2013 I have a set of the previously available clamps which were made in Germany. These are no match, The older ones are wonderfully lightweight and easy to handle. They do not overwhelm small parts being glued up. These are very heavy, owing to the cast iron heads. Much harder and clumsier to handle. They are strong and will clamp with plenty of pressure, but I reach past them for my old ones.
  • Great Clamps

    John, 9/25/2012 These are the best clamps I have used. I bought some plastic designed similarly but they did not hold my glue ups tight. I will be ordering more of these and throwing the discount plastic clamps in the trash where they belong. Thank you for something that works as it is supposed to.
  • Great clamps, Even Better price

    Dan, 8/28/2012 I needed to add to my clamp collection and I came across these and decided to give them a try. The price was right so I ordered the box of ten to see how they were. I was quite surprised how well they were made and the larger handle sure made clamping comfortable. I liked the clamp so well I purchased ten more and plan on getting more to replace my older and smaller wood handle clamps soon. I wish that Garrett Wade would look into getting these clamps in longer lengths.
  • Sturdy!

    Andy, 3/20/2012 I've only used these once, but found them to be far more robust than any other clamps I've used. Hard to beat at this price.
  • Good clamps. Great price.

    Fred, 2/28/2012 I needed some clamps and couldn't pass up this offer. I've never been disappointed with GW and they certainly came through again with these clamps. I've used them on several projects including holding steel for welding. They don't slip, they hold very well and the handle is really comfortable and easy to get a good grip on. I highly recommend these clamps!!
  • clamps

    paul, 12/30/2011 nice clamps for the price
  • Good Clamps; Great Deal

    Mike B, 12/23/2011 Well made, good quality clamps at an unbeatable price. I bought 15 of these and am delighted with them.
  • Great Deal

    Doug, 11/10/2011 I bought 10 of these on sale and they exceeded my expectations, especially for the price. Strong, fast acting, very ergonomic handles.
  • Best low cost clamp you can buy

    Mike Lacy, 10/11/2011 I have bought 15 of these clamps over the past few years. Adjusting is easy, locking is positive and the handle is comfortable. I will be buying more.
  • nice and solid

    gslax, 4/4/2011 these clamps are solid and seem to be built for the long-term. they compare favorably to jorgensens and bessy bar clamps at a significant discount. they've worked great for me so far!
  • good deal

    Gary Bobbitt, 4/4/2011 these clamps at 5 bucks each are as good as the 10 & 12 dollar ones i have.will be buying more.
  • Great Value

    Mark McFall, 3/7/2011 At $5 each my expectations were fairly low, but the ad was alluring and I bit. I was pleasantly surprised. They are keepers and a great value. I'd like to see these in other lengths as well.
  • Hand Clamps

    Ray, 2/1/2011 These clamps are better than I thought they would be! Already had a chance to use them and they work great!
  • 12 Fast-acting Clamps"

    Lim Peacock, 1/1/2011 I purchased the 12 clamp special a couple of weeks ago. I had the opportunity to use them today. They worked great! They are solid, well made, and I love the over-sized rubber grip! It makes it so easy to tighten and I wished that the more expensive clamps would get on board. They are deep enough to give you good clamping pressure when others just don't cut it. The cost works out to $5.00 per clamp and they are every bit as good as clamps that cost 3 to 4 times that amount. I have already let my woodworking buddies know and it is, without question, one of the best values I have seen in a long time! Great job and thanks so much! Even if you have a ton of clamps, you shouldn't miss this special sale. Like they say, "you can never have enough!""
  • excellent value

    Dan Erickson, 12/21/2010 I was actually surprised by how nice these clamps are for what little they cost. I also like the rubber-grip handles which makes turning them faster with two fingers (when not loaded) and allows a stronger grip when you need to crank down on something. The yellow plastic covers on the contact surfaces are another nice detail. These can be removed if necessary. I bought a bunch of these and was glad I did.
  • Solid

    Greg, 12/13/2010 Very solid and well made clamps. Very much unlike what usually comes out of China
  • You NEVER have enough clamps.

    Neil Vanik, 12/5/2010 One of the most universally useful clamp designs, these clamps are hefty and simple to use. Easily adjustable with one hand they invaluable around the shop and jobsite and are more easily set than C-clamps. The opportunity to own ten of them for $50 was irresistable. The overall quality is very good.
  • good but

    evan carr, 12/3/2010 Really great clamps but if you crank vary hard on them they bend a bit. that said i bought more and turn to my bessy's if I really have to move some thing. i have 30 of these pup's for glue ups etc.
  • Economical Clamps

    Jeff Illig, 4/26/2010 These clamps are a great value.
  • A Good Deal!

    eoverlie, 4/17/2010 I ordered 6 of these clamps several months ago and was immediately impressed with the quality. At less than half the price of name-brand clamps, I fully believe they function just as effectively. I recently purchased another half dozen and they are now my go-to tools for rough and finish work.
  • HD 12 Clamps"

    Warren Reed, 4/17/2010 I am building a wooden boat and needed a lot" of clamps. These clamps are great, fast east to enguage and very solid. I cant imagine a better clamp for the price."
  • Good clamps.

    Guitarmaker, 4/17/2010 Great reach with large, comfortable handle. It flexes a bit under pressure, but has plenty of clamping power.
  • 12 clamps deal"

    Boat nut., 4/15/2010 Best deal on clamps I've gotten in 10 yrs. These are nearly equal to the Jor&&$^@#^ I have, at a fraction of the cost. When one clamp didn't meet my standards, a replacement was sent promplty @ no charge. That's service!
  • You can never have too many clamps

    Willy B, 3/11/2010 These clamps are the workhorses of my shop. I have dozens of clamps - everything from luthier's biscuit clamps to 4' 3D panel glue-up clamps. These handy 12 bar clamps are not only the size I need most but the best performers of the several varieties of 12" bar clamps I have - including some much more expensive squeeze grip clamps. I can get significantly more clamping pressure out of these, and apply them one-handed while holding the workpieces. Best value out there!"
  • Nice bargain clamps

    dab, 2/15/2010 got 20 of these clamps, used them on several projects, well worth the money at less than $6 each. much better price than other similar 12 clamps."
  • Could be better

    Randall, 12/27/2009 Strong bar, comfortable handles, well-applied crinkle finish to clamping bodies. Downside: I ordered 10 and 6 had warping in the face of the stationary head, causing a 5 to 6 degree mismatch with the workpiece. I filed the face flat and repaired the problem, but wished I hadn't needed to do that. That said, I noticed they are reduced to $30 for 10, I'll likely buy that many again soon (right after posting this).
  • Outstanding Clamp

    Al Gunther, 12/9/2009 Lightweight, easy to use and a real bargin at $6.00 each, I just ordered 5 more!!!!
  • best clamps ever!

    chris e, 11/30/2009 I was doing a laminated/curved staircase and needed some extra clamps to add to my LARGE collection. I had bought your older german models and have used the often. These new clamps are FAR superior, with easy adjustment, large/easy to grip handles, and plenty of power. I bought 20, and I'm going to order more!!! Thanks.
  • Best Value Clamps Ever!

    John, 11/25/2009 I have a number of much more expensive clamps in my shop, but these are the ones I grab first when they are suitable for the task at hand. Comfortable to use, well made and plenty of clamping force. Time for me to buy a few more!
  • Fast Acting Clamps

    Poppa Z, 8/16/2009 I have several sets of all the brand name clamps in my shop. These new clamps are the ones I reach for first. Good action, no binding, outstanding handles. Far superior than the clamps sold several years ago. Now I would like to see them sold in 18 or 24" sizes."
  • Bang for the buck

    Kenneth Johnson, 6/5/2009 You'll be hard pressed to get a better value for under thirty dollars. Indeed heavy duty, great grips, easily adjusts. The ONLY reason I didn't award 5 stars is the yellow caps come off of the stationary end rather easily but I stopped that with a dab of epoxy to each on its underside. I'm amazed these are still in stock.
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