Inexpensive Thread Snips

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Inexpensive Thread Snips
As Useful At Your Desk As In Your Craft Atelier
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30C01.01 Thread Snips (1)

Available 07/15/2016


30C01.10 Thread Snips (5)

Available 07/15/2016

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Only 4" long, these are gripped just behind the blades for great control, and the internal spring opens them once you cut. It's a simple tool with a multitude of uses. Works just like a small pair of spring-loaded scissors. Much faster than unfolding a small penknife for a little snip or cut. All steel. Get five at a time and give them out to friends and family as small gifts. They will be appreciated a lot.

Made in Taiwan.

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Overall Rating
  • Very Useful!

    Stephen J, 5/7/2016 I even use it for cutting nylon & thin leather straps, too! You just need to make sure that you don;t twist them while making the cut, that's all!!
  • Easy Snips!

    Maia V Garcia, 3/13/2015 I used it every night and works perfectly each time, ease to use than a scissor, is lightweight also, and comes with a convenient pouch.
  • Sewing Kit Must Have

    Cookie, 12/20/2014 The snips easily fit into a sewing kit. They are very sharp and cut the thread easily. I no longer am trying to thread a needle with thread that is not cleanly cut.
  • Thread Snips

    Bill Fisher, 12/8/2013 I got this item for my wife, who is a quilter. We gave another one to a close friend who is in the same quilting group. They both love this and others in their group have indicated they will be wanting one, also.
  • Practical

    Steve Wilusz, 3/26/2013 I use them for wrapping thread for rod building and they work very well. Lightweight and very sharp.
  • Big precision in a small package

    Terry C. Norris, 1/8/2013 Although these thread snips are small and inexpensive, they are sturdy and precise; they cut not only at the tips, but for the entire length of the blades. They are good not just for cutting thread, but for any kind of precision cutting in light material. A great tool and a great value.
  • Handy little gadget

    Ken Leone, 1/1/2013 Bought five of them and gave three to my married nieces. They all thought it was unique and would be very helpful in their hectic lives. Kept one for myself, because single guys always have something hanging or unraveling with no clue how to fix it.
  • Good Snips

    David, 8/28/2012 These snips are sharp and work great for inexpensive snips.
  • Snips

    Gail, 4/18/2012 These are perfect snips for your sewing table. They are light and work great.
  • Terrific snips

    Woodnut, 3/13/2012 These are terrific little snips. I purchased them after finishing a rod wrapping project where I wished I had some snips like this. After buying them I have found many more daily uses and they have become our go to cutters for almost everything. They are very sharp, easy to use, and having 5 to stash in different locations makes them very handy. A great purchase!
  • snip snip snip

    Marcus, 4/4/2011 great product. dont have to fight with the thread. it snips it everytime. fast and easy.
  • Good Value

    Tim, 12/17/2010 Well worth the price - a real time-saver
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