Innovator Chisels with Interchangeable Cutters
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Innovative English-made chisels offer performance similar to top-grade Japanese chisels (hardness Rc63) at about the same cost - but without the work interruptions re-sharpening standard chisels often requires. The secret is the precision fitted, replaceable HSS cutting edge tip insert or cutter that comes with every chisel. Titanium-coated, the cutter holds its edge 5 times longer than plain carbon steel and can be re-honed when necessary at your leisure, rather than in the midst of a project's work flow. Simply replace the cutter using an ordinary Phillips screwdriver and keep right on working.

Comfortably shaped cabinetmaker-style hardwood handle with a hardened steel striking cap on the end. Each chisel comes with 1 standard bevel-end cutter. Optional 3-sided bevel cutters (for paring applications), and a (1 only) serrated cutter, excellent for removing a lot of material quickly, are also available. All cutters are easily re-sharpened.

For a limited time the chisels will come with the innovative 3-sided cutter for free, in addition to the standard cutter.
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