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Italian Extra-Long Pole Pruner
$ 249
We already have a superb selection of Pole Pruners, but this one has extra-long reach and is made to commercial-use standards. We had this professional model customized for us by an Italian firm we know well. The heavy-duty 1" bypass pruner head cuts upward with a super sharp blade. The design allows you to "hang" the tool on a branch while you rest and its low profile head is easy to weave between thick branches.

The 13" saw blade will quickly cut branches that are oversized. The pruner and saw blade mount can be easily removed from the head, and replaced solely by the saw blade if you want to separate the two functions. The 3-piece, telescoping aluminum pole retracts to 5-1/2 ft and out to 14-1/2 ft - a significantly greater range than other Pole Pruners. The kit also includes a 1-1/8" diameter 6" wooden plug that allows you to pair the pole to other accessory heads (e.g. a fruit hook/picker) you might have handy. Highly recommended.

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WARNING: Do not use this tool near overhead power lines.

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