Italian Kitchen Graters & Slicer

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Bestseller Italian Kitchen Graters & Slicer
Beautifully designed and highly functional
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39A03.01 Flat Slicer

Available 12/09/2016


39A03.02 Flat Coarse Grater

Available 12/09/2016


39A03.03 Flat Fine Grater

In stock


39A03.04 Grater/Serving Bowl

Available 12/09/2016


39A03.10 Three Piece Flat Set

Available 12/09/2016

Regular Price: $79.50

Special Price $71.80

The flat Italian Graters are stainless steel and strong enough to hold up for years of use. Cherry wood handle insets give them a distinctive feel. The combination Grater/Serving Bowl is lightly oiled Cherry wood, with a fine grater that pops out easily for cleaning or serving.

Ubiquitous items in any kitchen, these have been made with care and beautifully designed so that they are not only extremely high quality kitchen tools, but also beautiful to look at. They would make a terrific gift for any cook on your list. Most of us are familiar with them as cheese graters, of course, but they also excel at slicing and grating vegetables (for example, the coarse Grater can be used to make zucchini ‘spaghetti’, a healthy and nutritious pasta alternative).

The three piece Set includes the three flat pieces (all 12 x 4 ¾” – a Slicer, a fine Grater, and a coarse Grater. The Grater/Serving Bowl is sized 8  ¼ x 3 ¼”.

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