Italian Straight-Bladed Anvil Lopper

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Italian Straight-Bladed Anvil Lopper
A fully professional tool that anyone will enjoy
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44C01.06 Italian Straight-Bladed Anvil Lopper

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If you want to use one Lopper to cover everything from branch to vine, live or dead, this is the do-it-all Lopper without compromise. This is a fully professional tool that you will thoroughly enjoy using. Designed and built for all-day use on vineyards and orchards, it’ll cruise right through your ranch and garden chores. Its strong, rigid blade will cut clean through wet greenwood or dried deadwood with ease. Every component of the cutting head is easily replaceable, which makes this a lifetime tool. It has a generous (and fully useful) 2“ cutting capacity. Thanks to the 25” long aluminum handles, so lightweight and strong, any user regardless of personal strength will be able to take advantage of the great leverage. The specially hinged joint (a unique creation of this manufacturer), further multiples your effort. Overall length is 32 inches.

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  • My Physical Therapist Will Be So Happy!

    Lori Gordon, 4/4/2016 I am a 62 year old woman and my PT told me to slow down--but if you have European Buckthorn, you know that's not an option! I am removing invasive it from my woods and have used several frustratingly bad loppers. I recently bought a recommended one at the hardware store and after an hour of testing it, went inside to order your Italian lopper. It arrived promptly and I just spent 4 hours testing it out. This lopper is a joy to use! It cuts the wood like it is butter and didn't cause any of the shoulder and neck pain I had before. Thank you Garrett Wade!
  • Nicely Made Italian Pruner

    Bob Doyle, 8/6/2015 Received this tool today. My first impression was that of a quality made lopper. I have a lopper made by the Italian firm Castellari, which I believe to be one of the best tools I own. This Sta-for tool is definitely of robust build and operates superbly. Although it is light weight it is still a bit heavy when compared to the Castellari lopper and not as nimble. But all and all I believe anyone who used this Sta-for tool will be impressed with it in all departments. I'm glad I bought it!
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