Japanese 3-Piece Garden Tools

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New Japanese 3-Piece Garden Tools
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24T05.04 Japanese 3-Piece Garden Tools

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These brightly colored garden tools come to us from a Japanese maker that has been producing well respected, high quality tools since 1932. Made of lightweight but very strong steel, this three piece set will cover most everyday gardening needs: a Narrow Trowel for digging holes around plants, a Wide Trowel for moving earth, fertilizer, etc., and a Hand Cultivator--great for agitating earth or loosening stubborn plant matter. These are truly distinctive looking items; once you see them, you remember them (plus, their bright coloring makes them easy to find should you misplace them). Best of all, they are very affordable.

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  • Great Tools

    John, 3/27/2017 First thing my wife said was "oh, good, some garden tools that will not bend when I use them". That about says it all.
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