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Japanese Hatchet
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Japanese Hatchet

Cuts cleanly and quickly

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19S13.01 Japanese Chopping Hatchet
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With its leather covered storage case (which has a belt loop) and its laminated steel blade construction, this is a traditional gardening tool that's terrific for cutting small branches. The thick back of the blade makes it unusually (and intentionally) heavy for its 6-1/2" length, and this translates into great cutting momentum when you are working. It chops like a dream.

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Overall Rating :5 
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5  - 
Kindling Splitter
Reviewed By:   (White Rock, New Mexico) 
I've been looking for something like this for quite some time. I have Parkinson's Disease and worry about splitting kindling with a regular hatchet by holding the wood in my left hand while the right hand is running the hatchet. One bad twitch and there goes a finger! I place the Japanese tool on the wood where I want to split it with the left hand and use a hammer to whack the tool back with the right hand - no fingers in the way!! The tool holds the piece of wood to split upright rather than my fingers!
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5  - 
Compact and Versatile
Reviewed By:   (Livonia, New York) 
This was the second one of these hatchets I've gotten, the first was over 20 years ago, and I haven't seen one since until I saw it in the Garrett Wade catalog. The hatchet is very compact and very solidly built. Good for everything from splitting kindling to hacking off tree limbs or roots in tight spaces. I haven't tried chopping a steel pipe with it, but I'd say it's pretty near indestructible in normal use.

5  - 
Best of the Best
Reviewed By:   (Venice, Florida) 
Exceptional tool. Cuts are effortless and so easy to handle.

3  - 
Japanese Hatchet
Reviewed By:   (Paradise, CA) 
This is a utility grade traditional Japanese tool. The blade arrived sharp and ready for use. The handle needed to be roughed up with 100 grit sandpaper for my grip preference. This is a RIGHT HANDED tool. I use it to cut bamboo and light limbing chores and it is very effective for those. The edge steel is not the highest quality for a Japanese tool but it takes and holds an edge superior to any comparably priced western tool that I know of. This type of tool requires some skill to use properly and can be dangerous for if the user does not take the time to become familiar with how to use it correctly. A good introduction to Japanese wood cutting tools that performs light limbing, brush cutting and kindling splitting as well as or better than any comparable western styled tool.

5  - 
Great Tool
Reviewed By:   (Plymouth, MI) 
This tool is great. I make rustic willow furniture and when I cut, I need a clean 45° cut, on green wood. This thing is perfect...I also use it on the framework. Do wish it came with the case from the "Special Japanese Hatchet" though, this case is not to good :( the other case looks like it would be perfect for what I do. Still a good tool.

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