Japanese-Style Pruning Saws With Sheaths

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New Japanese-Style Pruning Saws With Sheaths
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14B04.01 10" Straight Blade Pruning Saw

In stock


14B04.02 13" Curved Blade Pruning Saw

In stock


These impressive saws are extremely sharp and durable, with rubberized handles and stainless steel Japanese-style blades featuring tri-grind teeth. The shorter saw is straight, while the longer saw is curved for a more aggressive cutting pull while sawing. The nice ergonomic curve of the handles allows for comfortable usage. The rigid plastic sheaths have belt loops to allow easy hands-free carrying. They fit the blades very snugly, so no accidental slippage will occur while they hang at your side. They also have slots in the end to allow debris to fall out, avoiding buildup that can jam or dull the blades. These are serious tools and will be a great addition to your outdoor arsenal. Made in Taiwan.

Straight saw: 10 ½” L blade.
Curved saw: 13” L blade.
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