Japanese Triangular Hoe

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Japanese Triangular Hoe
A simple and very, very effective design
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06A03.08 Japanese Triangular Hoe

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This design has developed over the centuries as an exceptionally efficient working tool for the Japanese gardener and farmer. The inward curve of the sharp pointed blade coupled with the deliberately acute angle of the blade and the short 13" long wood handle means that as you swing the handle the natural movement of your arm pulls the blade toward your body as it enters the soil - an example of logical ergonomic design centuries old. This tool is a natural winner for anyone who works close to the ground. Highly recommended.
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  • Japanese style garden hoe ( short handle).

    Leonard M. Crawford, 11/20/2016 As an 80 year old gardener I appreciate the Japanese style hoe as it enables me to get unwelcome clumps of weed grasses out of my lawn without undue stress on my back.
  • Excellent Buy

    Ken Lane, 9/9/2016 Well made and ergonomically correct. Works great in our clay soil. Weeds just pop out. Highly recommend!!!
  • A Joy to Use

    Michael Harris, 6/18/2016 We have Jersey Pine Barrens' soil and it can be tough. This how makes it so easy to cut through the grass and soil to prepare flower beds.
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