Japanese Trim Sickle

Japanese Trim Sickle
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19S08.01 Japanese Trim Sickle

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With its serrated, curved 5-1/2" long blade, this is a wonderfully handy tool for those quick trimming jobs around the edges of planted beds, walkways, and other areas. Light, and very easy to manipulate, so you can work exactly where you want to. 7" long softwood handle.

The serrations cut so aggressively that they even allow you to cut small branches (as on hedges) making it an exceptionally versatile gardening tool. A very nice small tool.

Made in Japan.

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  • The Amazing Japanese Trim Sickle

    Sylvie, 3/30/2016 I am buying my 3rd Japanese Trim Sickle because they are amazing! Growing up my mom punished us with weeding chores. My childhood would have been less traumatic if I had had a trim sickle. The trim sickle makes the job SOOOO much easier - and we have weeds that grow thick and literally 12 feet tall in Western North Carolina. Joe Pie Weed and friends are afraid now when they see me coming with my sickle!
  • I love this tool and wish I could find another.

    Irish, 10/26/2015 I really, really want another one of these. I use this all the time gardening to cut away dead stalks, trim grass around shrubs, cut blackberry canes and many, many more uses. I love mine and I lost it. Please make these available again!
  • Like A Hot Knife Through Butter!

    Emily, 4/23/2015 This sickle is quite fantastic and slashes through weeds or out of control bushes like a hot knife through butter. I actually look for excuses to use it. Oh, neighbor, need that ivy slashed back?" "
  • Learned the Hard Way

    Dale Cook, 1/18/2015 This is a great sickle can be used by either a right or left handed person. I tried the cheap made in china sickles but they break, bend and become dull quickly. this sickle makes fast work of cutting back the spring flowers and ivy that grows out of control. The old saying is true, you get what you pay for"."
  • Sickle Satisfaction

    Annette, 7/30/2011 Love it - I can sweep this tool across the lawn or in the garden and trim back all the nasty weeds without getting close to them. It's sharp and fast - delightful.
  • I love it

    Pam, 5/2/2011 We have a lot of brick paving in our landscaping, and even though I don't think it was meant to be used this way, it really works getting weeds out from between bricks and tight spots in concrete. It also makes quick work cutting down dead plants during fall cleanup.
  • Best 25 bucks I ever spent

    Floyd J Viers, 8/30/2010 'nuff said. This little gem weeds, and trims like nobody's business. And it, quite literally, IS the best gardening tool I ever purhased for the price. Just fantastic !
  • Favorite weeding tool

    Walter, 4/20/2010 This has become my favorite tool for garden weeding. It cuts precisely and cleanly, even through tough weed stalks like clover and yarrow, and you can easily cut weeds from between flowers or close to tree trunks.
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