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Sale JJ's Child's Faux-Knife Kits
Perfect for a young child
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66B01.01 Hunter Knife Kit

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66B01.02 "Trapper" Knife Kit

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66B01.10 "Hunter" Kit (2)

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66B01.20 "Trapper" Kit (2)

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66B01.30 Both Hunter and Trapper

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This is a perfect gift from a Dad or Grandfather to a young lad - aged perhaps 4 to 7. They're charming, fun to assemble, and educational - a task that can be completed in 30 minutes, with the child participating. The kits are all precut using Oak and Cherry, with the sized steel pins included and all attachment holed predrilled. Since all the working parts (including the blade and the spring) are 100 wood, they are not dangerous at all, but to a young child will seem like the real thing. Get two and then dad and son can each carry one in their pocket - as a team. Made in the USA.

The Hunter has a single blade; the Trapper has two blades.
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Overall Rating
  • Good teaching aid

    Jeremiah, 12/4/2016 We use these to teach knife safety and etiquette to our Bear Scouts. We avoid many accidents by using these kits. It also counts as a woodworking activity for an achievement.
  • Great Gift for a Child!

    Merrilee, 12/30/2013 My little boy asked Santa for a little boy knife" this was the perfect solution!"
  • Wonderful Product

    Erin, 11/17/2013 Found your site by googling child's pocket knife", after a visit with Grandpa, where my 4.5 year old son became phenatical about having his own pocket knife. It arrived quickly (thank goodness), we assembled it with pleasure, and he has not been anywhere without it for several weeks now! Great quality. It has withstood many hours of toddler play and still works as good as new."
  • Great Service and Fast Shipping

    Sherry Walker, 6/26/2013 I ordered the wooden play pocket knives for my son and was amazed that it works like a real pocket knife. The wood was very good quality and my son loves it! It looks so real! The
  • Knife Kit

    Diane Kloss, 2/1/2012 My grandson really loved making this with his grandpa! He likes carrying it around with him. {he's five]

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thanks for your comments about the Knife Kit! That's wonderful that your husband and grandson made it together and that the little boy truly appreciates it! We love hearing stories like that.
  • Great Product!

    Linc Myers, 12/25/2011 I purchased 2 of the single-blade knife kits for my boys (10 and 8) they love them. We spent some time together assembling and sanding them on Christmas morning. The quality of the kits is outstanding we're really enjoying them. I highly recommend them for anyone with young children with a curiosity and interest in pocket knives.
  • Great Product

    Scott, 5/30/2011 My boys, 6 and 3, got these from Santa" for Christmas. I put them together in advance. They were fairly easy to put together. They have also held up very well! Great Product!"
  • Dr.

    Frank Salimeno, 12/31/2010 Given to two of my grandsons. This will fulfill a father and son project allowing the instruction in assembly and to safely use bladed products. Another well made item.
  • Big Hit

    Alan Hope, 12/26/2010 Out of all of the gifts my grandson received this Christmas, this one was by far the Big Hit". This was a great gift, he really thought he was something with his new pocket knife that Paw Paw got him. Thanks Garrett Wade!"
  • wooden knife

    cameron, 9/23/2010 I think this is a perfect item for kids
  • great

    Dennis, 2/14/2010 Price for the wooden knife?
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