Job Openings at Garrett Wade

Garrett Wade has an entry-level coordinator position available. The ideal candidate is eager to learn about Product Development and E-Commerce. This is an opportunity to work with a small team of professionals in pursuit of aggressive growth.

Product Coordinator job description

The Product Coordinator’s job is to organize and document all aspects of new product development, ranging from in-house proprietary products, to externally sourced products. The cornerstone of this role is to coordinate a wide variety of details into a smooth and efficient workflow – on schedule. The coordinator provides administrative support for the department and is a bridge between the product team and the purchasing team. The responsibilities also include the dissemination of relevant product information to all other pertinent staff. 


  • Manage a product database that includes source, cost, order-quantities etc. (using Asana, Excel and Sheets). 
  • Request and organize prototypes and samples, including labeling and storage 
  • Maintain calendar of product development deadlines and launch dates
  • Communicate/coordinate with manufacturers, designers and other collaborators 
  • Maintain database of product details, and share these details with purchasing department, marketing department and customer service department  
  • Document changes in existing products 
  • Collect and collate customer feedback 
  • Analyze product sales performance for trends 

Primary Qualifications:

1.  Excellent communication skills 

2.  The ability to thrive in an interdisciplinary team (purchasing, marketing, customer service etc.) 

3.  Strong computer skills, particularly with the following programs and services; MS excel, google sheets, Asana, Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Dropbox.

4.  Strong problem solving skills, i.e. the ability to produce the desired outcome under unpredictable and shifting circumstances.  

5.  Unfailing attention to details (an uncompromising desire to cross every t and dot every i).

Additional Qualifications that are not necessary but of special consideration:

1.  Skilled with hand tools for woodworking or skills in other crafts

2.  Skilled with CAD programs, hand drafting or sketching in order to communicate design or functioning ideas

3.  Photo and video editing skills to create marketing content 

To apply please email us your resume and any other relevant information. Please do not call.

Who we are

Garrett Wade was founded in 1975 and specializes in high quality hand tools sourced from around the world. We have a rich history of innovation and we are the go-to place for the best woodworking, gardening and shop tools. We sell through our print catalog as well as website. Our office is located in DUMBO, Brooklyn.