Kell British-Made Deluxe Honing Guides

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Kell British-Made Deluxe Honing Guides
Serious craftsman will find it indispensable
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62J02.12 Standard British Honing Guide

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62J02.14 Long British Honing Guide

Available 06/27/2016


This has the best overall construction of any honing guide we've seen. It is made of two solid turned brass bobbins, each fitted with a Delrin roller, running on solid stainless steel guide rods. A threaded rod through the center is used to tighten the bobbins to the side of your chisel using a solid brass knob.

Uniquely, you can mount the chisel under the guide bars, as well as above them. This simple innovation makes it possible to accurately hone very short chisels, very narrow chisels, and chisels with extremely long primary bevels. All are nearly impossible to hold in most other honing guides. And, because the rollers are outboard of the chisel, the jig will not rock as you hone.

Made primarily for chisels that are from 1/32 to 1-1/8" wide, the Standard Guide (pictured) is not generally for wide plane blades. The Long Guide can hold blades up to 2-5/8" wide, however. Made In Great Britain.

See below for PDF.

Click Here to Download a PDF* formatted informational / instructional sheet. (*Note: Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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Overall Rating
  • Very good

    Ron, 5/22/2016 I like but instruction could be a little more
  • simply the best I've used

    James, 3/4/2016 I have struggled to find a guide that securely holds my chisels. The Kell long honing guide is just the ticket. It firmly grasped the chisels and held them perpendicular which resulted in a perfectly square finished product. I love this guide and highly recommended it to friends.
  • Love It Very Much

    Pia, 7/9/2015 It is very simple to use. There is a memo which helps you to set up the angle. And with high school math, I can figure how to set up for any angle I want.
  • Great For Small / Thin Blades

    Ray Bowers, 3/8/2014 A great guide for small/thin blades like a plow plane and such. A full size honing guide, like a Veritas Mk II can still do the same thing, but I like the feel of the smaller guide for smaller blades. Beautifully machined and great to work.
  • Quality Device

    Ron Larson, 5/26/2011 Very well made, quality stainless steel & brass. Easy to use. Very stable due to the wide spacing of the wheels and the quality of the machining. Make sure your stone is wide enough to allow for wheels.
  • Big rollers

    Reizaal, 1/24/2011 I like how the big rollers look. This guide really make it easier to use fine sandpaper to sharpen tools, which is the best, when backed by a flat steel plate as base like shown by the picture.
  • best of it's type

    Dan W CArmichael, 1/11/2011 It took me a while to use it but yesterday I sharpened 5 Japanese chisels with it. It was great, I mean the best of this type I have used. The only problem came with the small chisels. You need to press at the contact point and with the very short protrusion and the small was hard at first. I think I can practice my way out of this. Dan
  • Handy

    Cole, 12/14/2010 Got this for my brother who loves to work with wood and it is a great addition to his tool collection. I know he will use it often.
  • Nice Honing Guide

    Randy, 7/19/2010 The long guide is strikingly long- it unscrews about 2 1/2 inches, which accommodates wide plane blades. I've got to make a stone holder the same thickness as my stones to allow for the guide to use the entire stone width. Just more projects to do!
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