Large Capacity Fireplace Log Basket

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Clearance Large Capacity Fireplace Log Basket
The clean and rugged alternative to the armload of wood
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10B02.03 Large Capacity Fireplace Log Basket

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This tough black Log Bag (2 ft tall, with a diameter of 21”) is made from a very rugged woven synthetic fabric, with strong handles and well-founded seams. It will hold ample amounts of split wood--enough, in fact, to supply the average wood stove straight through the night. One fully loaded trip should do it for most needs (Your arm strength may vary, of course).

Anyone who has spent time around wood stoves or fireplaces has likely taken a turn hauling in a load of split wood. The usual method is to just pile up your arms, but this is literally the dirty method--you wind up with dirt and woodchips on your clothing, or on the floor and tracked through the house. This bag won’t leave a mess on you or your floor, and you can set it near your stove to hold the wood. (Note: this is not fireproof, so treat it as you would any other flammable item in the vicinity of a fire.)

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little dirty, but if you prefer to keep it clean, here’s your efficient answer.
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