Large Corn Whisk Brush & Dustpans

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Large Corn Whisk Brush & Dustpans
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25S09.01 17" Wide Mouth Dustpan

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25S09.02 11-1/2" Wide Dustpan

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25S09.10 Both Dustpans

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96S02.01 Large Whisk Brush

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96S02.10 Large Whisk Brush (3)

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Here's one you just don't see around anymore-not in such a generous size. Our cornstalk Whisk is 8" wide by 18" long overall. It is absolutely unmatched for general clean up everywhere: shop, garden, kitchen, or garage. We love this tool, and are pleased to be able to offer at a very special price for a set of three-one for the kitchen, one for the shop, and one to give to someone as a great gift.

As an added help to you, get one of our Wide Mouth Aluminum Dustpans. The mouth is 17" wide, the Dustpan is light, and the construction is unusually sturdy. A smaller, but just as sturdy, 11-1/2" Dustpan is also available.

The Corn Whisk Brushes are made in Germany. The Dustpans are made In Taiwan.

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  • The Wide-Mouth is a Winner!

    Brendan Hasenstab, 1/2/2015 This over-sized dust pan is great bit of design. Handy in so many situations, heavy enough that you won't push it around sweeping stuff into it, light enough to hang when you want it out of sight... An all-around winner!
  • Grand Sweep

    George Villalva, 3/18/2014 A most practical addition to my shop. Well made and well-proportioned - love to sweep!
  • Alum. Dust Pans

    Bill Podfigurny, 7/16/2013 I haven't had a chance to use them yet, but appear well made.
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