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Bestseller Large Rubberized Play Toys
Affordable German Engineering and Style
Fun to assemble, hold and play with - not to mention fun to look at
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57B01.03 Large Dump Truck

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57B01.05 Large Tow Truck

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There's something unexpected about these otherwise familiar toys - that is, they are really well made. The colors are bold and vivid. The surfaces are "soft" yet firm to the touch. And the parts assemble in an entirely intuitive way. Every part that should move or rotate does. The end result after a little assembly is a toy that is amusing, really works like the real thing and is endlessly fun to hold, play with and push around. This writer is no kid, and it's honestly hard not to want to expropriate one and take it to work to lighten the daily load.

We cannot imagine a small child (or parent) who would not be very pleased with them. Best for boys or girls age 6 and up. Designed and engineered in Germany. Highly recommended. They may seem a bit costly - and they are - but the quality is very high.

The Tow Truck is 9-1/2", and the Large Dump Truck is 12".

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  • Rubberized toys

    JoAnne Linsenbach, 6/5/2016 I bought these as a gift for my grandson. My daughter told me that they came with no instructions, as they expect you to figure it out yourself. OK. Thinking is good. Once they were finally together, it seems that they only fall apart and are no good for playing with. My grandson does not like them at all. My son-in-law calls them the Torture Toys. They are pretty, but only good for sitting on the shelf and looking at.
  • Disappointed

    Thompson , 4/21/2016 I was expecting rubber pieces but they are plastic, that description is deceiving, I am disappointed. I was expecting a softer toy but my grandson likes it and I bought it for him
  • Pieces are not rubberized.

    Van, 11/21/2015 I am confused. My definition of rubberized means that the product would be coated in... rubber. The description led me on with, "'soft' yet firm." Again, I envisioned a soft coat of rubber. All of the toys labeled 'rubberized' are straight up plastic. So, in summary, a plastic car I have to assemble for $60. Am I missing something?
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