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Large Oak Gerstner “Solutions” Chest
$ 359.0000
We have sold-out of these faster than we could have imagined. On the positive, because of a long standing relationship between Gerstner & Garrett Wade, they've agreed to make a very limited run of these chest exclusively for us in their Dayton, Ohio factory. We'll be making them available at the same price, absorbing the additional cost of making them in the US. The visual differences are these new chests will be made using a plywood carcass not the hardwood we mention in the catalog & they'll be using brown felt instead of the green (see image). Delivery for new orders will most probably be the week after Christmas.

This is Gerstner’s largest lockable desktop chest, with oak plywood construction and felt lined drawers. 24" tall, 21-1/2" wide and 11" deep – with 3 full width drawers 3" deep, 3 more 1-1/2" deep, and 6 smaller drawers – plus a 3-1/4" deep well tray at the top. All shut drawers automatically lock when the top is shut. The latch lock on the top tray comes with two keys.

Made in their Ohio factory to the usual high Gerstner chest standards by this well known Dayton, Ohio company. As Gerstner has decided not to continue production, we purchased a limited quantity and are making them available at a huge savings. We have not seen such an affordable price for years.
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