Swedish and Bavarian Large Specialty Splitting Axes

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Swedish and Bavarian Large Specialty Splitting Axes
Made by the two best makers in Europe
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26D16.01 Swedish Large Splitting Axe

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77A01.06 Bavarian Splitting Axe

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The Swedes and the Germans win the award, hands down, in our judgment, for making the best woodsman's axes in the world. We have proudly carried the hand-made Swedish Wetterlings axes for years - one of which is their Large Splitting Axe. Any axe is only as good as the blacksmith who makes it, and the end product will show the marks of this hand work. Nothing is hidden by paint; only oiled American Hickory is used for the handles. It's specifications are 3-1/2 lbs, handle length 30".

The hand-made Bavarian Splitting Axe is made in the same tradition - by a small family blacksmithing firm whose output is extra-special. It only makes a very few models for a particularly demanding group of customers in Europe. Since we discovered it a year ago, we have eagerly taken everything we could get. They began making this axe in the Spring of 2012. The heads are again secured with traditional wood wedges and a locking ring. It's specifications are weight 4-1/2 lbs, American Hickory handle length 24".

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