Large Utility Folding Shop Knives

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Large Utility Folding Shop Knives
Tough tools for a wide variety of jobs
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Made as a set of two, as each has a significantly different blade shape. Both are one-hand "liner-lock" blade release knives, with blades about 3-1.2" long. For some jobs, like cutting fibrous stems in the garden, the curved shape will work by far the best. For others, the conventional straight blade will be the one you want to reach for.

Both are rugged, tough tools that will withstand rough handling on any job.

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Overall Rating
  • Great Present

    Ronald Wilson, 3/24/2015 Haven't used yet. Lightweight, good looking and dual purpose ends is the cats meow.
  • A Useful Blade

    Erik, 2/17/2015 I received just the Hawkbill blade-knife with built-in folding utility blade (not shown in the photo) as a free gift with my first purchase. The build is very good and very sharp. It comes with one extra utility blade. The hawkbill blade-shape allows the user to get more pressure on the material with a draw-cut" (pulling towards yourself) than if the blade were straight. Excellent addition to the tool belt!"
  • Free Knife

    Gwen Buckley, 1/24/2015 What a nice gift! It has already come in handy several times. It is just the right size and the pouch makes it easy to carry. Thank you so very much!
  • Quality Free Gift

    Dennis Silvis, 1/21/2015 A quality knife, great to carry or have in shop. Real nice free add to my order. Thank you Garrett Wade
  • Handy

    Daniel Kunsman, 8/22/2014 I use the straight blade for work, and so far, no one is complaining about my being armed. The serrated part of the blade is great for cutting thru heavy cartons and such. the sheath is a bit cheesy, but it doesn't have to any real work. The curved blade is for my shop, but my wife seems to think it's hers
  • Knives

    Randy, 1/11/2011 Both knives are unique, with the curved blade knife being easy to open one-handed. The serrated blade does not open as easily one-handed, but locks well two handed. The blade is also dead flat on one edge, so sharpening it is a matter of flatten the back" and then using a serrated stone (I use a Lansky) to sharpen the serrated portion of the blade, and any other sharpening system to sharpen the rest. Good, but lightweight knives, with heavy blades."
  • A Cut Above

    Mark Williams, 1/22/2010 I've gotten two sets of these knives. They are very handy for all types of cutting. I use them in the shop and in the garden. They are an excellent product for the price.
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