Leather/Upholstery Scissors

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Leather/Upholstery Scissors
Designed specifically for this job
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16B03.01 Leather/Upholstery Scissors

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Cutting thick material (leather, thick cloth etc) requires scissors designed for this job. The most important features are (1) sharp blades that are especially wear resistant and (2) cutting edges that are backed by thick support so they don't flex under strain. These special scissors do the job. If you work with leather or heavy fabrics, you will appreciate the efficient work that results.

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  • Pretty sharp

    Harvey Mushman, 6/14/2016 Great cutters. Nice weight and well made. Don't expect these scissors to cutt 10-12 oz leather. I have a hard time just with 5-6 oz. But then I have arthritis. You won't be sorry if buying these, unless you expect to much out of a pair of 7" scissors.
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