Leather Wrapped Scissors and Shears

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Clearance Leather Wrapped Scissors and Shears
Hand Forged – Perfect for the home and garden
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89A05.01 Leather Wrapped Scissors

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89A05.02 Leather Wrapped Shears

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This handy set of incredibly sharp shears/scissors is as useful as they are striking looking. One pair is a traditional scissor with wide curved bows, while the other is a pair of spring shears such as might be used for cutting herbs in the garden or any of a number of other uses.

Handmade by blacksmiths in India, the evident care in their workmanship shows why they caught our eye. The form is generous, with elegant curves that fill the hand comfortably. Soft tan leather strapping provides contrast of color and texture as well as padding.

These are both elegant unique tools.

Spring Shears: 10 1/2" Overall; Blade: 3"
Scissors: 8" Overall; Blade: 3"

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  • hand crafted scissors

    LM, 4/15/2017 I got these scissors, the shears and the wine & cheese set, all made by the same manufacturer apparently, due to being a sucker for handmade and unique things. The quality, in all cases, is excellent. But, like the shears, these are sized for a man's hands. They are much easier to use than the shears, but some degree of effort is needed to open and close them. Not much, just more than most scissors. They may well loosen up over time and usage. I still like them, regardless.
  • Leather wrapped shears

    Janet Larson, 4/14/2017 These are great shears. Out the in the garage they get used plenty, hold up to hard work, easy to sharpen all at a great price
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