LED Area & Shop Work Lights

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LED Area & Shop Work Lights
built for rugged work conditions
Available in 3 styles
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07S17.02 1,000 Lumen Work Lamp

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07S17.03 4,000 Lumen Work Lamp

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07S17.04 4,000 Lumen Lamp with Tripod

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Recently, Hi-tech LED technology has finally produced powerful energy efficient area illumination lamps. Our models are built for rugged work conditions.

The single Lamps come in two sizes: 1,000 Lumen or 4,000 Lumen. Both are supported by a sturdy adjustable base, have a beam width of 120˚, produce natural white light, have a shatter resistant polycarbonate lens, are safe and cool to the touch and are powered by a 6 ft 115V AC cord. The 1,000 Lumen Lamp lens is 3-3/4 x 1-3/4" and the 4,000 lumen lamp lens is 5-1/4 x 4-7/8".

The 4,000 Lumen Lamp is also available fitted to an adjustable (up to 5-1/2 ft) height tripod stand which has a very wide, stable base. (Sorry, the tripod stand is not sold separately.)

We have examined and tested numerous LED Work Lamp alternatives and we like these the best – hands down.

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  • Poor tripod design

    Peter, 6/8/2016 I purchased one of the 1000 lumen work lights and the 4000 lumen tripod light to replace my halogen lights. The 1000 and 4000 lumen lights themselves are worthy additions to my shop. The tripod is not! Right out of the box, I extended the tripod legs out and one of the braces came right out of the slot. The tabs do not securely attach the brace to the main shaft. It seemed like an easy fix, so I maneuvered the tab back into it's intended location and it won't stay there. Despite several attempts to repair it, the tripod is not reliable. I have used the tripod light three times and the legs are useless. Since I have tried to repair it myself, I doubt that I will be able to return it. My experience is that the tripod design will not hold up and I would not buy another one.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the LED Area & Shop Work Lights. We're sorry to hear that you received a malfunctioning tripod. We aren't sure if it may have been damaged in transit, or if it was possibly a defective one but we would like to resolve this issue with you. We will be in touch with you via email shortly.
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