LED Magnetic Pick-Up Set

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Clearance LED Magnetic Pick-Up Set
Spare yourself hours of aggravation
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07A01.03 Flex Shaft LED Light

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Regular Price: $34.50

Special Price $17.25

07A01.04 Magnetic Pick Up Tool

In stock

Regular Price: $8.50

Special Price $4.25

07A01.30 LED light PLUS magnetic pick-up tool

In stock

Regular Price: $43.00

Special Price $19.25

The Flex Shaft LED Light has a 18" long bendable shaft, and Magnetic Pick Up Tool has a long rigid shaft (extendable up to 21") that retracts so you can slip it in your pants or shirt pocket. Each has a white LED light in the magnetic tip to help you see what you are doing in any dark spot. These are very handy tools to have around, and quite inexpensive, easily justifying your investment. Made in China.

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