Italian Letter Opener and Scissor Set

$ 38.75
Italian Letter Opener and Scissor Set
Fits neatly in a corked-backed leather case
Makes a handsome gift
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65S01.23 Italian Letter Opener and Scissor Set

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Dressing up the home writing desk? Sending your oldest off to school? Moved to a new office? How about this elegant, gold-plated Letter Opener & Scissor Desk Set to make just the right statement? In a handsome cork-backed leather wallet?

Each element of this beautiful set - opener, scissors & case - reflects the fluid line and sumptuous finish of classic Italian design (the excellent leatherwork and stitching in the wallet alone puts one in mind of a classy little sports car, actually). A very clever touch is how the curve of the opener's handle acts as a spring against the scissors to insure a snug, secure fit in the wallet. It’s just really neat and fun. Bravo! Made in Italy.

Note: The color of the leather case has changed. Instead of tan, the new color is black. It’s shape and style remains the same.

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