Lie-Nielsen Solid Bronze Trimming Block Planes

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Lie-Nielsen Solid Bronze Trimming Block Planes
Deliberately smaller, but heavy enough to have real presence in the hand
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25P07.01 Lie-Nielsen Low Angle Bronze Block Plane

Available 05/10/2017


25P07.02 Replacement Blade For L-N Bronze Block

In stock


This bronze-bodied plane tracks in milled grooves to ensure squareness. The standard size (shown) has a blade angle of 20°, the low angle has 12°.

All blades are cryogenically treated A2 steel. Plane body: 5" L x 1-5/8" W, Blade width: 1-14", Blade thickness: 1/8".
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  • A+

    Andrew, 12/17/2016 This thing will last the rest of my life. Sharp right out of the box!
  • Review trimming block plane

    J. Christian, 6/24/2016 Too hard to adjust so far. Shavings get caught in plane & hard to clean out. I would not purchase this tool again if I had a choice.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Lie Nielsen Solid Bronze Trimming Block Plane. We're sorry to hear you are not happy with it. We haven't heard many complaints about this plane, but respect your opinion. Please feel free to return it using the label which was included.
  • California Craftsman

    Rich Pavel, 4/7/2013 I live in a smaller somewhat of an artists community close to the sea. Initially I felt this tool may fare better than the ductile iron standards given the salt air of the Wind and Sea elements I love so much. This historical dilemma is know to many of the coastal artist colonies of our beloved California coast and beyond for that matter. I have come to respect this tool for all its characteristics and properties beyond its traits as an impeccable tool of attributes. With Gratitude I have acquired more than one of these remarkable nuggets. At a discount no less! Durable, delightful, & legitimately most practical.
  • Gotta Love That Wife.

    Pete Church, 3/15/2010 After a couple of challenging years building quality furniture in a tanked economy, I was considering packing it in and getting a straight job. Lisa, my long suffering wife, took it on her self to empty the coffee can and buy me a 102 block plane to show me that she believed in the work I was turning out and that things would get better soon. Having a pieced together collection of swap-meet tools and some of Gramp's old stuff, I wasn't sure if I was up to some thing all Golden-shiney". The A2 steel is a little harder to polish up at first so I was glad to find the back of the blade almost perfect out of the box. The sole was as true as any thing I'd ever come across and flattened in just a few strokes. The body feels so right in my hand that I find my self using it instead of sand paper for everything from softening edges to flushing plugs that I used to do with a chisel. The well shaped palm even works great for burnishing outside corners on trim work. There's a feeling one gets when they get into a really nice car that makes them want to drive a little harder. Putting a tool like this in my hand does the same thing for my wood work. I do have one complaint though, I just can't seem to get it to change my daughter's diaper. "
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