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Bestseller Lifetime Garden Hose Rack
Heavy-duty cast aluminum construction
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39A01.05 Larger Cast Hose Rack

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39A01.06 Smaller Cast Hose Rack

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If you are annoyed by the short working life of the second-rate hose rack typically available, you have a lot of company. Get one of these and it will be the last one you'll ever have to buy - guaranteed. Made of 3/16" or 5/16" thick solid cast aluminum with a beautiful curved shape kind to garden hose loops. Once you attach it to a wall, you can be confident that in 20 years it will still be there.

Two sizes are available. What is best will depend on your needs. The Smaller Hose Rack is 13" wide and easily accommodates up to 100 ft of 1/2" garden hose or 50 ft of 5/8" hose. The Larger Hose Rack (16" wide) will easily accommodate 100 ft of 5/8" hose or even more if your hanging loops are relatively long. Having personally experienced bent or broken light sheet steel racks for years, this writer was thrilled to see new racks. The quality is superb. They are not cheap initially but will be so over the years. Very highly recommended.

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Overall Rating
  • Couldn't be happier.

    Steven Trecker, 4/3/2017 This is the 2nd one of these hose racks that I have bought. I couldn't be happier with it. I live in a highly corrosive environment, and I think this rack is going to last decades. Very well made and sturdy.
  • Excellent hose rack

    Steven Trecker, 2/20/2017 The description of this hose rack in Garrett Wade's catalog is very accurate. It is exceptionally sturdy, easy to attach (I attached mine to a CMU block wall), and I'm sure it will last a lifetime.
  • High Quality Hose Rack

    Rich McDrew, 12/15/2016 One is not ever going to find a better quality hose rack. I do agree with the others that adding quality stainless screws would be a great addition to the order.
  • Pleased!

    Lori Waite, 12/9/2016 Very sturdy hose rack! This is better than so many I've seen in brick and mortar stores. We are extremely pleased with our purchase.

  • FINALLY- a modern looking hose rack

    Patty, 8/31/2016 This hose rack is so great, I bight six of them! Durable, stylish, no chance it will chip or rust.
  • Not Possible!

    Paul Rosenstein , 7/25/2016 Yes,needs 3 stainless screws, otherwise, so rarely, a perfect product! Can't believe I just said that......
  • At last! A hose rack with a modern design!

    patty, 7/5/2016 love the design and size of this hose rack. It has a modern look that goes well with our modern house, The shiny aluminum look is great!
  • Excelleent Product, But . . .

    Bob Long, 6/25/2016 Product arrived in very good condition, and it looks & works great mounted on the backside of our circa. 1685 home. Great product, but would you not expect that such a quality product would come packaged with three quality, rust proof screws for mounting? Yes, I have many screws kicking round my tool shed suitable for mounting. But when you speak quality, why even consider scrimping on three screws?
  • King of the hose rack world.

    Jerry Jacobs, 5/5/2016 Everything I hoped it would be. This thing is
    solid and strong enough to take any abuse. I drilled a hole in the top center to hang it on a 4x4 post.
  • Hose pipe holder

    Tracy Plaisance, 5/1/2016 Awesome craftsmanship! This will last a lifetime.
  • Garden Hose Rack is the best

    Tannon Sabina, 3/5/2016 This garden hose rack is handsome and functional. Look forward to a lifetime of easy and efficient use. Thanks!
  • A Hose Rack For The Ages

    Thom Thacker, 9/22/2015 Have you ever thought, as I have, that "a good hose rack is hard to find." Well, dispense with that thought and dispose of those rusty, flimsy pot metal things,those ugly plastic hose reels, and purchase the most solid, stylish, functional hose rack that you will ever find. This is quite simply a great, beautifully-designed product.

    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner September 2015 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Thom!!
  • Garden Hose Rack

    Bill, 8/10/2015 Strong and sturdy. Looks like it should last a lifetime.
  • Large Hose Holder

    Jeffrey Burton, 7/20/2015 Needs a hole top center to mount on a post. I like the strong metal, add the new hole and I'd rate it a five.
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