Lightweight Loppers
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The Heavy Duty Loppers we have carried for years and which are so popular with serious gardeners, have a drawback - the added weight that comes with their great strength and extendibility. They weigh 4-3/4 lbs. For someone who is relatively strong, this is not a big deal - even for extended periods of use. However, for others they can be very fatiguing to use for long stretches.

We've been looking for years for a good Bypass and Anvil Lopper that was both good quality and much lighter. We have finally found it in these two. Neither is extendible but at 21 end to tip they provide the reach and leverage to work well and are simply easier on your arms. The secret is in the blend of nylon and fiberglass in the handle to provide both strength and light weight (only 1-1/2 lbs - 70% lighter than the H.D. tools).

Both have high carbon coated blades and very comfortable grips. As usual, select the Bypass for green wood or stalks and the Anvil design for dry or dead branches. We recommend these highly as an exceptional value and a good addition to any outdoors kit of tools.

There are companion Lightweight Hedge Shears.
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