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Lightweight Root Cutter - Ice Chopper
$ 44
Most root cutters derive their power from their considerable weight to slice through the type of thick subterranean roots that are most often encountered during the removal of large stumps. A 15-plus pound tool, though, is not practical for clearing brush over a large area or in confined conditions like when removing a thicket or hedge. A more maneuverable Root Cutter that's lightweight and convenient to carry is a very useful tool, and exactly what we required to clear a hilly plot of nuisance hackberry saplings. We found the tool we needed in California.

With a 42" hardwood handle and a 7" x 10" steel head with a beveled leading edge, the Lightweight Root Cutter (we've been using it all winter as our go-to Ice Chopper) is an excellent compliment to an axe or machete for effectively clearing large areas of brush and removing invasive plants even below ground. The blade comes medium-sharp, can be easily sharpened further with a grinder, and can be conveniently kept sharp in the field with a simple file. For this purpose, we strongly recommend our 10" bastard-cut Flat Mill File from Pferd shown here with the Penetration Shovel.

Weighing just shy of 5 lb., our versatile Lightweight Root Cutter also makes an excellent edging tool, and because the 0.2" thick steel won't bend, it can even be used for removing pavers, brick walks and patio stones. And we'll be keeping the walk clear of ice next winter, too.

After a heavy snow in New York City, building supers are charged with clearing the public sidewalks - literally charged, because failing to clear the walk in short order after a storm risks hefty fines and possible lawsuit if someone falls. By the time most supers get to clearing the walk, pedestrian traffic has trampled the snow to a thick hard sheet of slippery ice that must be pounded, cut and sliced to be removed. Icy city sidewalks are serious business requiring a serious tool. Our Ice Harpoon will surely do the trick!

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