Long Pole Bypass Pruners
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If you have to prune well over your head, there are only two ways to do it: (1) Use a ladder, which can be risky, or (2) Use a Long Pole Pruner. We selected two alternative models for you to choose from. Each is 60 long and will cut a green branch up to 1" in diameter.

Model A (Japan) is a traditional design that uses a hinge with an 18" moving arm which you use to close the cutting jaws.
Model B (Taiwan) is a single shaft that has two interior cables hidden inside the shaft. You can forcefully close the cutting jaws either by moving the handle seen in the middle of the shaft or by pulling a large knob at the end. The functional advantage of the Model B design is that you can effectively reach further because it's difficult to exert much sideways closing pressure with both arms way above you head. In addition, the Model B head can easily be rotated (and then locked) into any position 360 degrees around the pole.
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