Long-Reach Hand Pruner

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Long-Reach Hand Pruner
Saves your back from unneeded strain
Bypass pruner with cut stem holder
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45T02.17 Long-Reach Hand Pruner

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If you need to do a bit of pruning on the other side of a fence line or in the interior of a large plant or bush, this is what you need. The 30" long shaft will easily maneuver the bypass cutter into place and a quick pull on the hand grip does the job. And it always helps save your back by avoiding stooping or overreaching. You can cut or trim close to the ground without bending - think of asparagus harvesting. It also is handy to trim the topmost stems of a high bush or fruit tree water sprouts without the need of a ladder. You won't need it all the time but when you do, it's a life saver.

The handle rotates between being in line with the cutters to being at a right angle. The mid-shaft grip position is adjustable. Made in Italy.

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Overall Rating
  • Long-Reach Hand Pruner

    Joaquin Oliva, 3/20/2017 Highly recommended for older people or for anyone who has back problems.
    J Oliva.
  • Great Clipper

    Geoff, 7/30/2016 I wish it were a little bigger. The best feature is the gripper next to the blade that hangs on to the piece you just cut so you can control where it goes !!
  • well designed pruner to add to the garden tool kit

    Howard, 7/29/2016 the design and function of this pruner meet expectations for getting at hard-to-reach suckers and twigs. I like the efficiency and speed of working without needing a step stool, and the red plastic hold and grip is good for hanging on to the cut piece for collection and disposal.
  • Quality Counts, Garret Wade Pruner is a true Value Product

    Franklin Grube, 7/21/2016 All of the users comments about the lightweight, extended reach, versatile applications are well founded but I believe a key attribute is the Quality materials and construction of this pruner. I have owned 2 other similar long reach pruners that were difficult to use and failed prematurely due to substandard materials and assembly. This Pruner may cost a bit more but the quality and ruggedness are well worth it.
  • Saves back and ladder injuries.

    Edward Brown, 6/30/2016 Great pruning tool without bending over or climbing a ladder.
  • Useful but limited

    Dan, 5/5/2016 Great idea, but not a heavy duty pruner as others have also commented. However, good for getting into thorny rose bushes. Also use for nipping off small oak seedlings out of the ground.
  • Great for Poison Oak and Ivy

    Chris Carvalho, 4/29/2016 I got this tool for trail maintenance work. It keeps one's hands and arms away from poison oak while pruning and makes the work much easier and safer. It's a big help. Two improvements: The plastic grippers on the blades make larger branches hard to prune as they restrict the blade travel. I removed them. If the head tilted it would reduce the chance of the blade tips getting dulled by rocks or soil when trimming close to the ground.
  • Expected more from the description

    Mel, 3/10/2016 I like that it is so light weight, but am disappointed that it cannot handle any but the smallest trimmings.
  • Wonderful addition

    R. B. Franklin, 3/8/2016 A great addition to the garden tool offering. Works great. Particularly well suited for reaching in and avoiding scratched arms. This is such a handy tool it could only be improved it it had the ability to be extendable as this would allow getting at the smaller shoots and twigs above the current reach
  • customer

    darlene watson, 3/5/2016 it is a handy tool for all the briars I have but my hands aren't big enough to grip the handle . I have to use both hands but I love that I don't have to bend over much to clip them. I would recommend them to a friend especially a male .
  • Call me Stretch Armstrong!

    Kathy, 3/5/2016 With this tool I can extend my reach way inside those pesky wild blackberries to hack them off close to the ground and not get my hands & arms clawed up by all the thorns. Also handy for whacking off leggy, woody weeds prior to spraying. I love this tool. So great for a short (I mean vertically challenged) person.
  • Great tool

    TED GABRIELSEN, 3/3/2016 So impressed with this I bought one for my sister.
  • long-reach Hand pruner

    Marie, 3/3/2016 This does a great job extending my reach, but handles only smaller diameter branches. Best for water sprouts.
  • Super Tool

    John, 8/12/2015 One of the best tools I own. Works like a hot knife through butter.
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