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Long Throw LED Bike Light
$ 189.95
This new Hi-Tech LED Distance Beam light is a major development in nighttime safety. The Distant Beam is attached to any bicycle handlebar (shims to ensure a secure fit are included). It takes just 2 seconds to take the light off or to remount it. The water resistant body is sturdy aircraft grade aluminum. This light uses a rechargeable Li ion battery which displays remaining run time and battery status (very handy to prevent getting stuck) and a low power warning. Micro UBS charging cord (included). The design uses a quick-release handlebar clamp with shims included to ensure a secure fit.

The Dual LED lights produce 4 ranges of output ranging from 100 to 800 lumens – plus a flashing mode that is very handy for urban riders who need to be seen amidst the glare of all the other lights. Run time, for example, is 4-1/2 hours at a steady 500 lumens and 20 hours at 100 lumens. Output changes are accomplished with a plus/minus push-button switch. And perhaps most exceptional, this light comes with an attachable remote pressure switch at your finger tips that instantly produces a high intensity burst mode of 1,600 lumens that activates a bright flash guaranteed to be seen by all or to put extra light on a hazard ahead. Just think of how valuable that is in a sudden emergency. Max beam throw at 1,600 lumens is 500 ft. Highly recommended.
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