Low Angle Cast Iron Block Plane

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Low Angle Cast Iron Block Plane
One of the most essential and useful woodworking tools
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83R02.05 Low Angle Block Plane

Available 10/02/2017


83R02.06 Extra Blade

Available 10/27/2017


With a body of cast iron, a 1/8" thick blade, and brass knobs and brass cap, this is a tool that has the heft and steadiness to allow you to do good work no matter what the direction of the grain. Derived from the geometry of the historic Stanley 60-1/2 this style is arguably the single most useful and versatile woodworker’s plane available--no matter what the maker. And the adjustable mouth adds significantly to achieve very thin shavings if desired.

Made in India by a very good tool maker we have known for decades, this is a tool that any woodworker (or budding woodworker) would be happy to have. It is, of course, not up the Lie-Nielsen standard but it is much more affordable on a limited budget.

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