Massive Power Snips

Winter Sale Massive Power Snips
Includes an extra spare set of cutters
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A full 12" from end-to-end, the aluminum frame is light and easy to handle and the hardened replaceable steel cutting inserts (edges 3-1/2" long) do the tough work. We cannot imagine that there is much that they cannot cut, including sheet non-ferrous materials and mild steels.

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  • My Mistake?

    JMD, 2/3/2014 I bought these to cut one thing in particular, the wire with which they make the mesh that re-enforces concrete. It's not very thick, but they barely nick it. I see the description now says mild steels". Is that a technical term? I guess the wire I have is not mild."
  • Power Snips

    Linda, 3/10/2013 I haven't had an opportunity use these yet, but I'm amazed at how light weight they are.
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