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For many of us, the standard larger scale tools for DIY projects and furniture making are simply too clumsy to use in small scale tasks and projects. Some time ago we began to pull together collections of smaller scale tools for our customers (and ourselves)--special clamps and gripping tools, picks, spatulas, locking tweezers, etc. They were so well received, we realized we should redouble the effort and expand our offerings.

The result is our Master-Select Crafts Tool Set, shown here. This 22 Piece Kit is filled with a hugely useful variety of special tools for smaller scale or personal work: locking straight and bent gripping tweezers, a jeweler’s Chasing Hammer, push/pull “Archimedes” Drills (with 2 packs of tiny drill bits), a 10X Loupe, Wire Nippers, a Mold to bend and precisely shape wire, a Special Clamp to securely grip perimeters of round and multi-sided objects from 3/8 to 2 1/2" in size, and much more. A fitted, soft-sided, zippered storage case for all items is included.

Diversification is the key to do a good job efficiently and successfully. This is a terrific Master-Craft Kit, and is priced as a set for a substantial savings. Others in your household are also very likely to make good use of them.
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