Matched Forged Drawknives

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Matched Forged Drawknives
Three high-quality blades for fast & accurate shaping
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19S02.26 Flat Drawknife

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19S02.27 Convex Forged Drawknife

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19S02.28 Concave Special Drawknife

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19S02.40 Set of 3 Special Drawknives

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A small French firm makes this beautiful and unique selection of specialized tools. Great hand tools combine sharpness with quality to afford you great speed and control. This selection of three, featuring flat, concave and convex blades, provides you with exceptional flexibility in your work. The blades are 6" along the cutting edge and the handles are 12-1/4" apart.

Each drawknife comes with its own fitted protective leather case.

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Overall Rating
  • Flat Knife

    Nick Microutsicos, 5/27/2014 An amazing product, been using for over 5 years. Never sharpened, been using out of box and still sharp enough to shave my fingernail. I make custom Fly Whisks, Virginia Whip Works. They are completely beautiful because of this tool. Worth so much more than $45.
  • Convex Drawknife

    Philip, 3/6/2014 I've been using mine for almost 4 years and it's a great tool. Very sturdy blade of good steel stays sharp a long time, even when working in tough, burl-grain woods. Ball handles enable you to maintain control with minimal hand fatigue. It's true that out-of-the-box, the edges do need honing to remove factory grind marks and to get a finished edge. This is traditional with most old-school European tools, and even with Japanese tools sold in Japan. If you have good whetstones and are a reasonably good sharpener, you can hone and polish the edges bright and sharp in no time at all. Well worth the effort, and the purchase price, I plan on getting the straight-blade model soon.
  • Not Like The Picture

    J Simon, 5/14/2012 See the reflection off the polished edge in the picture? Not on these pieces. I bought the set. They all have blades rough ground to shape and left that way. They have a course ground finish. No reflections off these. It will take a lot of grinding work to get the polished finish in the picture. If the steel is good after that they may be good tools.
  • French Drawknives

    Charlie Fontaine, 9/29/2010 Your descriptions still have much to be desired. Too little information for without ability to 'experience the feel/quality'' and wording is vague , which, to me leads to suspicion. The market is flooded with crap and ''quality'' should be supported by ''quality'' truths, not evasive type wording. These knives look too small for the job and photo quality is very similar to the write up... not so good. And you price is such that I would need to carefully look it over with an eye for what says what your claim to be.
  • Five Stars

    Clayton, 8/31/2010 I have the four inch flat draw knife. It is great for traveling. All of my bow making friends want to know where to get one. Wonderful tool.
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