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Sale Matched Pair Scissors
For home, or shop, or garden - in 2 sizes
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Good scissors are something we turn to every day. When they feel good in the hand and work well, they are very satisfying indeed. But they are not sophisticated tools and there are lots mediocre ones out there - and a very few really good ones. Here are two good ones at a great price.

These aluminum handles are oversized so you can engage your whole hand, the action smooth and adjustable, and the stainless steel cutting edges are very sharp. Both sizes (1-3/4 and 3-1/8) are handy to have on hand, so we have them as a matched pair. Save 20%.

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  • Best Pruners Yet

    Tom Herd, 4/19/2015 After looking endlessly for these scissors, EUREKA, I found them again. Many years Martha Stewart had them at Kmart, then she was gone and no scissors to be found even at her own site. She must have cases of them!!!! Then to 2012 and they were available online at Trail Blazer. Then they were gone the whole co. Finally at Garrett Wade, the best little set of garden tools ever. I just ordered another set. Please don't stop offering them. Do not listen to the reviews, they are totally WRONG. TOM HERD
  • Good for Giants

    A. N. O'Nemus, 12/27/2013 These are perfect scissors - if you're a sasquatch. It's impossible to use the small pair, as you can't open them wide enough with one hand - I have very large (male) hands. For most females - forget it (see review by Linda"). It's a little better for the larger pair, but not much. I thought at first that the weird handles were designed to make the scissors ambidextrous - but no, it's apparently so you can/have to use them two-handed, like shears! That could, admittedly, be useful on occasion - but is it worth $30? These'll spend most of the time just taking up space - or, as "Linda" says, you can "gift them to someone else" (she means "give"). Mine are going to the local thrift store - with a warning note attached - "only buy these if you have gigantic paws". "
  • Utility Scissors

    Linda, 3/10/2013 These look like good quality scissors. However, my hands are small enough that I can't open them wide enough to use them. That's why the 3" rating. I wish I'd realized this before purchasing them. I'll need to gift them to someone else."
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