Mechanical Flip-Card Clock

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Mechanical Flip-Card Clock
Wonderful design – great fun and function
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79A01.02 Mechanical Flip-Card Clock

Available 10/26/2017


This unusual Flip Clock, showing the hour and minute, is driven by two C-cell batteries (not included). The black rod on the left side resets the Flip cards which (once set) change every minute. It weighs 3/4 lb., so it will sit solidly where you put it. So far, so good. But the real surprise is that this is also an alarm clock. Simply set the alarm time by rotating the marked wheel on the left hand side. Alarm On/Off is controlled by a simple button on the top. (Complete instructions included).

For those of us who continue to be analog enthusiasts in this increasingly smartphone driven world, here is a beauty. It’s certainly not inexpensive, but oh, what fun it is. Totally unique.
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