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Medium Hi-Tech LED
$ 119.85
Please note: This item has been replaced by the Tactical Multi-Power LED Light that also takes AA batteries.

With an unusual barrel-side button control switch, this Hi-Tech LED flashlight produces 20, 120 and 380 lumens, plus a strobe setting. (Lower power settings give you much extended battery life.) It’s 5" long and comes with a nylon belt pouch and a very useful Diffuser screen that slides over the business end. This Diffuser changes a spot into a gentle room-filling wash of illumination. (We’ve seen this feature on only one other light in the past three years.)

As AA batteries are available almost everywhere in the world and are relatively inexpensive, you don’t need to worry about battery supply. You can even buy rechargeable ones. (But overall battery life is much less than the lithium CR123A.) We like this flashlight a lot as a fine value.

Lumens: 20 (low), 120 (med.), 380 (high)
Estimated Max Useful Range: 375 ft
Light Pattern: Spot/Very Diffuse
Battery: Three AA
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