Micro Japan Saw Set
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For decades GarrettWade has been an avid proponent of traditional Japanese woodworking saws. These new, very small hand-made saws are feather-light and perfectly balanced. They may look like toys but they are truly serious tools, hand-made by master artisans.

These beautiful saws with a bamboo-wrapped wood handle are only 6 in total length, with 2-1/2" blades. The whole set doesn't weigh an ounce! The Ryoba has a 0.012" thick double-sided blade, with a 25 tpi crosscut and 14 tpi rip-cut tooth pattern. The Dozuki has a 0.008" thick 29 tpi cross-cut blade; and the Kariwaku has a 25 tpi cross-cut blade that is 0.008" thick. If you work in very small scale, you need these.
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