Micro & Mini Twist Drill Sets

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Clearance Micro & Mini Twist Drill Sets
Instant replacement for small-sized bits
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29C01.01 150 Pc. Mini Drill Multiple

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29C01.02 102 Pc. Drill Multiple

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29C01.10 Both Micro-Mini Sets

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Hundreds of our customers have used our 170 piece, multiple-size multiple-copy sets to solve the problem of worn out, broken, or lost drill bits. What was still needed, however, was a smaller-sized option, priced accordingly.

Here are two sets to fill that gap. These are an excellent value, take up little space in a drawer, and help ensure that you will never be caught without a small sized twist drill when you need one. 150 pieces of 24 different micro-sizes: 1/64 to 1/8", and a 102 piece set of 19 different mini-sizes: #40 to 25/64". Get both and save-252 total for $0.15 per bit. China.

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Overall Rating
  • Good Sets

    Darryl, 6/16/2015 One of the sets box was broken at the hings. I don't know how. It was really well packaged but that was alright.
  • Broken Case

    John J. Miller, 5/3/2015 I should have followed the reviews that said the plastic cases were broken when they arrived, because that is exactly what happened to mine. It was broken and now I have to waste moments of my life to re box the item and ship it back. Who knows if the replacement case will be broken.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Both Micro Mini Sets. We are sorry the case arrived damaged. We will do our best to get you a satisfactory replacement.
  • Not Quite Up To Snuff

    Bill, 4/29/2014 I bought both sets. 102 piece set came with a few pre-bent bits. I've never seen that before. And the least amount of pressure results in more bent bits. These are the mid-size bits too, not the tiny ones. In my mind, entirely too soft steel, as normally proper bits would snap, not bend, and then only with considerable abuse. Haven't tried to sharpen any yet but the soft steel doesn't bode well for sharpening or long life before going dull. Also the case is cheap, one already cracked after three openings. Smaller bits gets scattered everywhere.
  • Nice!!!!!!!!

    Vickyy, 3/23/2014 Its goodddd!!!!!!!!!!
  • Handy Set of Micro Drivers

    Patrick Giese, 3/10/2014 Garrett Wade is my consistent go-to source for all of my fine and specialty tool need!
  • Need Better Case & Packing

    Elad, 1/28/2014 Just got both drill sets; both the cases were cracked and broken, this permitted the drills to go every where in the package, GW needs to improve the shipping packaging. 2nd time I've ran into this problem, both with drill bits (had my metal drill case bend and many hours sorting the drills bits I found). Drill bits work fine in everything but hardened steel. //Elad//
  • Mini Drill Bits

    Dan D., 8/20/2013 Do a lot of model train building and the wide variety of this drill bit set comes in great use.
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