Mid-Century Solid Brass Desk Lamp

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New Mid-Century Solid Brass Desk Lamp
Made Exclusively for Garrett Wade
Throws a lovely pool of light on any surface
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56A02.01 Mid-Century Solid Brass Desk Lamp

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The 12" diameter solid brass shade of this elegant 115V lamp (a midcentury design we exclusively manufacture), is highly polished inside and out. The base is 8" wide so it is very stable, and the two pivot points for the support rod allow you to position it flexibly. But perhaps its best feature is the astonishing amount of “lux” a 60 watt incandescent bulb throws on any surface.

We have been researching various styles of articulating desk lamps for some time, and one thing we’ve learned is that good lamps are expensive. This one is a bargain. Highly functional, solid value, and very handsome.

Standard USA plug. UL approved.

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