Mini “Yankee” 10" Push Screwdriver

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New Mini “Yankee” 10" Push Screwdriver
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08C03.06 Mini “Yankee” 10" Push Screwdriver

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If you’ve ever used a ratcheting push drill or screwdriver, you’ll know how handy and functional they are. There are no batteries or plugs, and the double ratcheting action is fast, smooth, and effective. This update of the classic hand tool features a stripped down profile, resulting in a lighter feel in the hand, plus a hard plastic storage compartment in the handle for bits and drivers. Has three settings: forward, reverse, and a locked setting, allowing it to be turned in a fixed position. Locking chuck allows quick switching of bits.

Comes with three double-ended bits: three sizes each of Phillips (#1,2,3) and three slot drivers (3/16/, 7/32, 9/32), plus extra space in the handle for a total of 8 bits. Also accepts drill bits; in fact, any ¼” hex bit will work. There’s a reason this design has been around so long--it just works.

10 ½” L overall
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