Miniature Rubber Hand Blower

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Sale Miniature Rubber Hand Blower
Integrated check valve makes this a truly versatile blower
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12S10.01 Miniature Blower

Available 09/20/2017


12S10.30 3 Miniature Blowers

Available 09/20/2017

Regular Price: $20.25

Special Price $14.95

With an integrated check valve, we can think of dozens of uses for this blower, from blowing off computer keyboards to fine-dusting wood finish. Unlike bulb blowers with brushes, this one has no bristles to fly off onto delicate lenses or sticky finishes. The built-in check valve prevents air and dust from sucking in through the tip when you release the bulb. Provides a stream of dry air just where you need it. The tip is only 1/16" in diameter, so it can be put almost anywhere. And unlike canned air, you need buy this only once. A great value.

Made In India.
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Overall Rating
  • Handy Item

    Rusty Burney, 9/18/2016 Perfect for small jobs that would normally use a small compressor. I use it to get the dust off the computer keyboard or when I am cleaning firearms or to clean up after I cut boards.
  • Works Great

    Ken, 2/25/2014 These work great to blow the sawdust off of work after sanding without having to fire up the air compressor. Great for small jobs.
  • Buy these

    DTO, 3/3/2011 but keep it a secret from your family
  • Clears out the dust

    KB0321, 4/15/2009 I use this to blow out the dust from my computer keypad. The rubber gripes well and does not smell. The air comes out fairly quietly, just a little whoosh". This does not have the same "umph" as compressed air and you need to keep squeezing but no need to buy another throw-away can."
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