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Miniature Spokeshave Set (3)
$ 39.95
The Spokeshave is a staple of hand work in woodworking - shaping edges (straight, convex or concave) smoothing curved surfaces and doing all kinds of trim work.

We have had this special set of 3 unique smaller-sized tools made of Solid Brass exclusively to our specifications. One Shave has a flat sole (for flat & convex areas), another has a fully convex sole (for concave surfaces), and the third is shaped in-between for all other possibilities. The blades are special grade N2 steel and the blade lock is a steel knurled knob (not a wing nut). These are used two handed" with your thumb behind each wing handle. Their small size (the 3-1/2" wide base is 1-1/8" x 5/8") ensures that they will be able to work on and shape the smallest of areas. These are really handy.
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